Where Are You?

This is a question that I get asked pretty frequently nowadays. Some people think I’ve already moved to Mississippi, some think I’m at my parent’s house in Birmingham, and others think I’m still at my house in Tuscaloosa. And to make it more confusing, I’m getting my master’s degree from Southern Miss in Hattiesburg, but come August, I will be permanently living in Jackson where I will be completing my internship.

The reservoir in Jackson, Mississippi

The reservoir in Jackson, Mississippi

If you try to keep up through my Instagram or Facebook posts, you’ll probably end up even more confused. Last week at church, a girl saw me at the service and then later asked one of my roommates  if I had a twin because she could’ve sworn that I had already moved to Mississippi. The truth is, I’m currently living in all three. And honestly, I don’t blame anyone for not being able to keep up; I’m barely keeping up with it myself.

So the purpose of this post was to help clear up (for those of you who actually care about my summer whereabouts) where exactly I am.

I’ve spent the first two weeks of June living in my house in Tuscaloosa. The graduate program that I’m in at Southern Miss is considered a distance program, which means all of my work can be done online. So for the last two weeks, I’ve spent everyday working on both clinical and foodservice review worksheets. On Sunday, I will leave for Hattiesburg, MS, where The University of Southern Mississippi campus is located. I will be there for two weeks living in a dorm (still trying to repress flashbacks from freshman year) and going to class from 8:30-4:30 everyday. Luckily my sister lives two hours away in Mobile, so I have an escape on the weekend in between those two weeks.

Ashley, my partner in crime and future roommate!

Ashley, my partner          in crime and                   future roommate!

The following week, I will come back to Tuscaloosa and continue working on more worksheets for my classes. The next week I will then travel to Oxford, MS where I will have the opportunity to help out at Camp Hopewell’s camp for kids with Type 1 Diabetes. After what’s sure to be a fun filled week at camp, I will head back to Hattiesburg, MS for two more weeks of classes. Once those two weeks are up, I’ll go back to Tuscaloosa for the night and then that Saturday I will move to Jackson, MS. I have the first two weeks in August off for vacation and orientation with my facilities so there really is no telling where I will be during those weeks.

I hope my explanation helped clear up some of the confusion and if not, just know that beginning in August, you can most likely find me in Mississippi.

Aside from my summer whereabouts, I’ve also been dealing with confusion in many other areas of my life. Confusion with my school work, confusion on where to live in Jackson, and also confusion on WHAT THE HECK TO DO WITH MY LIFE ONCE I HAVE TO GET A JOB(luckily this can wait for a year). But through all this confusion, I’m reminded of one constant, and that’s that God is never confusing. Whether I’m in Tuscaloosa, Jackson, or even half way across the world, God is constant. Jesus is constant. And their love for me is constant. Through all these upcoming life changes, I’m reassured by God’s unchanging promises; they’re what keep from having a mental break down every day.

So my advice to anyone dealing with big life changes or confusing times, take heart in knowing that,

“God is not a God of confusion but of peace…” 1st Corinthians 14:33 (ESV)


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